One of the talented singers of Nepal, Abhishek S Mishra shared his experience of contracting coronavirus through his official Facebook page. Mishra, along with his wife and newly born baby, was tested positive for the virus three weeks ago.

He said that he had to rush his wife and their baby to the emergency room on the night of Laxmi Pooja. He added, “While the whole world celebrated, I sat with my head in my hands in tears, trying to take care of my daughter. I can’t describe the helplessness, dreading every night.”.

About coronavirus, he said that the symptoms had been weird and terrible. “If I drank something cold I would get a drowning sensation. I had a fever that made my body so cold the first night I couldn’t feel any of my fingers. As time went on, I would feel faint at any point in the day and our oxygen level dropped to the point we had to get an oxygen cylinder in our room. Shortness of breath, dizziness, losing strength in my limbs are just a few. As I said, weird and terrible”, the singer added.

Finally, he told his followers to take the virus seriously. He warned those who don’t believe it by saying, “It’s coming for you. It’s coming for all of us at some point especially with winter looming. I cannot stress how much it takes a toll physically and mentally”. He is afraid of the possibility that he wouldn’t be able to sing as before because of the degradation of his lung capacity caused by the virus. Lastly, he thanked all of the people who were by their side to take care of them.

The singer and his family are now recovering.

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