Co-owner, founder, producer, sound engineer of Skathi Records, And Highly experienced Hip-hop artist of Nepali Ktm Souljah seems to be working on a new creation. He made such an announcement through his social media accounts recently.

Rapper Ktm Souljah who is in this field for more than a decade and very active in promoting and supporting the Nepali hip-hop field. He is also associated with Band Tumbleweed Inc which is known for its powerful lyrics and Rap Metal/funk sound which includes Ktm Souljah as a vocalist, Sarad Shrestha as lead guitarist, Prasant Maharjan as a Bassist, and Robin Neupane on Drums.

KTM Souljah had also come up with an online rap battle tournament called “Sabdha Sanghram” along with Emcee Nita Pradhananga. In which the winner title was bagged by Ankush Adhikari Aka WLF Kush. Second round of the rap battle is all set to be organized soon.

You can watch the final episode of Sabdha Sangram here if you enjoy watching rap battles: