Uniq Poet, byname of Utsaha Joshi, had released a song “Mero Desh Birami” on July 17, 2020, with the concept emerged from the contemporary condition of the country. The singer had also written the lyrics for it whereas Reverb Dust produced the music for it. The credit to music video goes to Donob Production. The song at the time of the release had also been in the trending list of YouTube.

The song shows the contemporary situations of Nepal. He suggests in the song that the government should stop rape instead of muting the voices of Hip-hop artists. Arrest warrants have been sent twice against hip-hop artist VTEN against his obscene lyrics.

The singer, from this song, says that the country is now suffering from political diseases and criminal activities like rape, corruption and extortion. The song also points out the corruption associated with the mitigation of coronavirus pandemic. In a like way, it also suggests the youths to stop going for foreign employment.