Two very popular and talented Artists Uniq Poet And Neetesh Jung Kunwar may be collaborating for something magical. Recently both of them have posted a picture together on their social media accounts with a slight hint that they are making music together.


Most of the youths who listen to Nepali hip-hop already know about Uniq PoetUtshana Joshi known by his hip hop name Uniq poet gave himself this name inspired by Tupac‘s title Thug Poet. He removed thug and replaced it with uniq as he wanted to be uniquely recognized in whatever he was doing. And yes he is been successful in doing so, as we see his craze nowadays.

Neetesh Jung Kunwar is one of the airing musicians in the modern music world of Nepal. With millions of Nepalese fans, especially the young generation, Neetesh Jung Kunwar knows his best to please his followers with his unique features of presentation in his music. His songs are always are trending on YouTube. Unique and cool as his voice, Neetesh has numerous songs to his name till date