Most of the youths who listen to Nepali hip-hop already know about Uniq PoetUtshana Joshi known by his hip hop name Uniq poet gave himself this name inspired by Tupac‘s title Thug Poet. He removed the thug and replaced it with uniq as he wanted to be uniquely recognized in whatever he was doing. And yes he is been successful in doing so, as we can see he is one of the names that come to our minds when someone talks about Nepali Hip-Hop.

Utsaha Joshi aka Uniq Poet is a young rapper but despite his young age, lyrics written by him don’t feel like it’s written by this young boy. Every word of his song is too heavy to handle. likewise, this passionate rapper is All set to release His album “Kaalo“.

He made such announcements via his official social media accounts. The album includes 15 songs. Among which Mero desh bimari, Kaalo, and Kaam were previously released and all of them were fire. All excited for the album to be released.

Track list: