Original singer of “Rinkebung Ko Rangalai” song, Suresh Gandharva is suffering from financial hardships to cure his chronic diseases. The 65-year old singer played eastern Nepal folk songs all his life of which some became more famous than others.

The singer is suffering from chronic diseases like heart diseases, diabetes, thyroid, high uric acid and high blood pressure for about 7 years now. Despite his fame as the King of Sarangi in the east of Nepal, he hadn’t been able to accumulate the required amount for his treatment.

The director of Natya Sanstha Rangbhumi Academy of Dharan, Bishnu Moktan admitted the singer Gandharva to BP Koirala Institue of Health Sciences after knowing his illness and discussing it with other few people. The head of Medicine department, Sanjib Sharma, who is also an expert of heart diseases, transferred the singer to ward 4 for more treatment. The doctors have urged to change the valve of his heart as the treatment.

The singer has also sung another popular song “Warikhola Parikhola Bichaima Pani Dovan” which is covered by Uday and Manila Sotang and was equally famous.

The full news is available from the website of eKantipur and the image is the courtesy of the same.