Nepal’s music scene is set to ignite as Anu Ra Bimba, the fusion band, takes center stage at Thamel’s Reggae Bar on December 9th.

Renowned for their captivating blend of  different tunes and contemporary sounds, Anu Ra Bimba promises an electrifying live performance that transcends musical boundaries.Adding to the night’s allure, the stage will be set by the talented Swatantra Band, known for their dynamic and soulful compositions, promising an opening act that sets the perfect tone for an unforgettable evening.The fusion of Anu Ra Bimba’s eclectic melodies with the vibrant ambiance of Thamel’s Reggae Bar guarantees an immersive experience for music enthusiasts. This event presents a unique opportunity for attendees to revel in the rhythmic amalgamation of cultures and musical styles.Mark your calendars for an evening of sonic exploration and cultural celebration as Anu Ra Bimba and Swatantra Band take Thamel by storm on December 9th.