Viber Saimon and YABITheGoat’s latest collaboration, “RX 100,” has stormed the digital music scene, amassing an impressive 100,000 views within just one day of its release.

The dynamic synergy between these two prolific artists has struck a chord with music enthusiasts globally, propelling “RX 100″ to unprecedented viewership in an astonishingly short span. The track’s infectious beats, coupled with compelling lyrics, have resonated deeply with fans, catapulting its popularity across various streaming platforms.In response to the overwhelming reception, both Viber Saimon and YABITheGoat expressed gratitude to their fans for the unwavering support and pledged to continue delivering groundbreaking music.”RX 100” has not only marked a milestone in their careers but has set a benchmark for success, signifying the ever-growing influence and reach of their musical prowess. As the track continues to gain momentum, it’s poised to become a defining anthem for music enthusiasts worldwide.