Sajjan Raj Vaidya, the Nepali singer-songwriter, recently expressed heartfelt gratitude to his fans via Spotify Wrapped. Reflecting on the year, he shared a poignant message: “From the bottom of my heart to its highest ceilings, I have only gratitude, and forever more, love for you all. Thank you for letting us be a part of our lives. Thank you for making me a part of your stories.”

Acknowledging his supporters, family, friends, and his inspiring team, Vaidya conveyed immense appreciation: “You created me, and I can only try to forever return the favor.” Embracing the past while looking forward, he encouraged everyone to “keep your music close.”

Using hashtags #thankyou, #spotifywrapped, and tagging @downtownflux, Sajjan Raj Vaidya shared a heartfelt message, resonating with his gratitude for the support and love received throughout his musical journey.