In a soul-stirring rendition, Katha’s Episode VII delves into the profound narrative of ‘Jeevan,’ resonating through the ethereal voice of Kathmandu’s prodigious talent, Dixita Karki. Penned and composed during her hostel days at the tender age of 14, the song encapsulates the emotional turbulence of existential crises, painting life as a tapestry of alternating melancholy and euphoria.

Collaborating in this heartrending portrayal, Sajjan Raj Vaidya joins Karki in a mesmerizing performance that captivates the essence of the human experience. Behind the scenes, an ensemble of gifted individuals contributed their expertise, including the Downtown Flux Team and a lineup of talented musicians led by Sahil Uprety and Chhitij KC.

Technical finesse was handled by Samuel Thapa, while the lighting ambiance was crafted by Anil Sinsali Thapa, Bishesh Maharjan, Ronaldo Thokar, and Parsuram. The production and styling intricacies were orchestrated flawlessly by a dedicated team led by Dishant Lama and Karma Lala, with Metalwood Nepal and Metalshapers Nepal providing the perfect backdrop for this emotional journey. Katha’s Episode VII stands as a poignant ode to life’s tumultuous yet beautiful dichotomy.