Highlander Ghar Ma is set to reverberate with pulsating rhythms and electrifying vibes as the much-loved Pariwartan Band and Rockhead joint live performance takes center stage on November 25.

The fusion of Pariwartan Band’s  melodies and Rockhead’s dynamic rock energy guarantees an evening filled with diverse musical flavors. The iconic venue, Highlander Ghar Ma, known for hosting extraordinary musical acts, will be the perfect backdrop. Audiences can expect an engaging, high-octane showcase as the bands bring their unique styles to the stage, creating an atmosphere that’s bound to thrill and captivate all in attendance. With the promise of surprise collaborations and exclusive renditions, this event is primed to be a highlight for music enthusiasts and fans of both bands alike. Tickets are selling out fast, ensuring an electric atmosphere at Highlander Ghar Ma on November 25.