Prepare to be mesmerized as three musical figures, Prabisha Adhikari, Mohan Bhusal, and Deepak Dawadi, are set to grace the stage at the HSNC Hall in Morrisville for an unforgettable night of melody and rhythm on November 10 ‘Subhakamana Sanjh’.

Prabisha Adhikari, renowned for her soul-stirring vocals, will enchant the audience with her  tunes. Mohan Bhusal, a maestro on the traditional Nepali instruments, promises to weave enchanting narratives with his strings, while Deepak Dawadi, will infuse the performance with rhythmic beats that resonate with the soul.This  collaboration will make an evening that transcends boundaries, promising a fusion of classical and contemporary tunes, celebrating the rich tapestry of Nepali music. Secure your tickets for this extraordinary musical convergence and be part of a night destined to resonate with the echoes of musical mastery.