Emerge Band has unveiled their latest creation, ‘Suna Na.’ This powerful and passionate track, which showcases the group’s exceptional talents, was written, performed, and produced by the band’s very own Ujan Shakya.

Ujan Shakya’s production prowess extends further as he took on the role of mixing and mastering for ‘Suna Na.’ The recording process unfolded at theMey Studios.The music video, a visual treat in itself, was directed by Aashutosh Barahi, with Rapil Maharjan serving as the assistant director. Ujan Shakya also stepped in as the producer alongside his counterparts Aashutosh Barahi and Rapil Maharjan, who contributed to the song’s concept.Rapil Maharjan took on the additional role of Director of Photography, delivering stunning visuals, while Leusan Rajkarnikar was responsible for photography. The cast includes Aashutosh Barahi, Sanjana Maharjan, and Nishan Khatri Chhetri, who brought the heart character to life.Suna Na’ is powered by PROFUMO NEPAL and promises to be a  sensation that will leave audiences captivated and wanting more.