P!nk doesn’t care what you think about her — but she does care that fans feel safe at her shows.

The star sat down with Cecilia Vega for this weekend’s episode of 60 Minutes, and in an exclusive clip shared with Billboard ahead of the full interview, the “What About Us” singer opened up about how she feels about “never winning the popularity contest” in the music industry.

“We sold 3 million tickets in the last six months, but you don’t really hear about it unless you went,” she says of her impressively sold-out tours. “So at the end of the day, do I give a sh– who talks about me?”She continued, “As long as the mom and the daughter, or the dad who’s in the pink T-shirt, as well as his daughter and her three friends, had a fantastic time, or the gay couple that came together and felt super safe at my show because no one heckled them — that’s what really matters.”