The sensation, Rockheads, has achieved a remarkable feat as their song “Hajar Janma” crosses the remarkable milestone of 1 million views on YouTube.

“Hajar Janma,” with its melodious sound and poignant lyrics, has resonated deeply with fans, cementing Rockheads’ place as a force to be reckoned with in the Nepali music scene. Their unique fusion of contemporary and pop elements has garnered them a dedicated following, and “Hajar Janma” has stood out as a standout hit like their previous song ‘Ranga’.

This milestone underscores the band’s cultural significance and global reach, highlighting their ability to connect with diverse audiences worldwide. As Rockheads continues to inspire and captivate with their music, fans eagerly await more groundbreaking releases from this influential  band. Congratulations to Rockheads on this incredible achievement!


Late in 2010, Rockheads was founded for the love of performing rock music. The group first played shows in Thamel, but in 2020, their distinctive sound propelled them into Nepali rock’s mainstream with song Ranga, which was a massive hit.