Dashain, the biggest and most celebrated festival in Nepal, holds a unique and harmonious relationship with Mala Shree Dhun, a traditional and melodious  newa composition.

Mala Shree Dhun, typically played on instruments like the harmonium, flute and tabla, is a traditional tune with deep cultural roots in newa civilization of Nepal. It is often performed as part of various rituals and festivities during Dashain, adding to the festive charm.The melodic and rhythmic elements of Mala Shree Dhun evoke feelings of devotion and celebration, bringing people together in a shared cultural experience. The harmonious sounds of this tune underscore the significance of Dashain, a time of family reunions, blessings, and merriment.In essence, Dashain and Mala Shree Dhun form a musical bond that represents the richness of Nepali traditions and rituals, enhancing the cultural significance of this cherished festival. It’s a musical tool to the enduring power of music to connect people with their heritage and create a sense of unity and celebration.