Raju Lama is set to deliver a fresh musical treat with his upcoming song “Ramailo Mela.”

Lama, celebrated for his soulful voice and touching lyrics, has been a beloved figure in the music industry for years. Lama’s ability to blend emotive storytelling with melodious tunes has consistently struck a chord with his audience, making this release highly awaited.The song’s title suggests a joyful and festive vibe, characteristic of Lama’s unique style. As he explores new musical territories, “Ramailo Mela” has to become a cherished addition to his contributions.

Counting down to the release date, ready to be serenaded by Raju Lama’s heartfelt melodies and lyrical prowess once again. Stay tuned for “Ramailo Mela,” as it promises to be a musical delight worth savoring.