In a heartwarming and philanthropic gesture, Girish and the Chronicles (GATC) are set to take the stage for a special live performance in Sikkim on October 28th. This concert is not just about music; it’s a charitable endeavor aimed at providing aid and support to the victims of recent floods in the region.

GATC, the iconic Sikkimese band, is known for its electrifying shows and distinctive blend of rock and blues. This time, they are using their music to make a difference by hosting a charity event to help those affected by the devastating floods in the region.The performance is expected to be a soul-stirring experience for both the band and the audience, as they come together to support a crucial cause. Music lovers in Sikkim and beyond can join this noble effort to aid flood victims while enjoying the infectious energy and talent that GATC brings to the stage. Mark your calendars for October 28th and be a part of this charitable musical journey.