The melodious track “Suna Suna Sundari” from the movie “Nango Gau” has skyrocketed to the number one spot on music charts.

The Nepali music industry is abuzz with the enchanting voice of Daya Hang Rai and the stunning presence of Miruna Magar in this captivating song.Released two weeks ago, “Suna Suna Sundari” has taken social media platforms and streaming services by storm, with fans from all corners of the globe expressing their admiration for this musical masterpiece. The song’s enchanting lyrics, soulful melody, and Daya Hang Rai’s charismatic voice have struck a chord with listeners, making it an instant sensation.

Miruna Magar’s mesmerizing screen presence has also garnered significant attention, with fans praising her chemistry with Daya Hang Rai in the music video. “Nango Gau” is now set to witness a surge in popularity, thanks to this chart-topping song. With its irresistible charm, “Suna Suna Sundari” is expected to continue reigning supreme on music charts for weeks to come.