“Ma Bolchhu,” a highly anticipated rap challenge, is set to take center stage on Ashoj 20th at the Mandala Inn in Itahari. Presented by The HipHop Zone, this event promises to be a thrilling showcase of talent and lyrical prowess.

With the Nepali rap scene gaining momentum in recent years, “Ma Bolchhu” offers a platform for aspiring rappers to display their skills and make their mark in the industry. Contestants from all corners of Nepal are expected to participate, bringing diverse styles and perspectives to the competition.The event will not only be a rap battle but also a celebration of the Nepali hip-hop culture, featuring live performances, DJ sets, and special guest appearances. Attendees can expect an electrifying atmosphere as they witness the evolution of Nepali rap.”Ma Bolchhu” is poised to be a memorable night for both participants and fans alike, highlighting the vibrant talent within Nepal’s hip-hop community. Be sure to mark Ashoj 20th on your calendar and head to Mandala Inn in Itahari for a night of lyrical brilliance and musical innovation.