Axe Band, is all set to electrify Dubai with a scintillating live performance on December 2nd, a Saturday, at the renowned Yak and Yeti Everest venue. Music enthusiasts and fans of the iconic band are eagerly anticipating this highly anticipated event.

The Axe Band-Nepali is one of the populars band in Nepal with members Shiva Mukhiyaa on Bass& vocal, Sajal Rajbhandari on Guitars and Surendra Shrestha on drums currently which was formed on 1992.Axe Band, known for their mesmerizing blend of rock, pop, and Nepali folk music, has garnered a massive following both in Nepal and among the Nepali diaspora worldwide. Their live shows are legendary, characterized by powerful vocals and high-energy performances that leave audiences spellbound.The Dubai concert promises to be a night to remember, as Axe Band will showcase their signature hits along with some exciting surprises.