Swoopna Suman, the master of heartfelt melodies, has achieved yet another milestone with his latest release, ‘Upahaar.’ The song has now crossed the impressive mark of 2 million views on YouTube, solidifying Swoopna Suman’s status as a musical sensation.

‘Upahaar’ is a masterpiece that combines Swoopna Suman’s soulful vocals with emotionally charged lyrics. The song delves into themes of love, longing, and the complexities of human relationships, resonating deeply with listeners from all walks of life.The music video, characterized by its artistic cinematography and captivating storytelling, has received praise for its visual appeal and ability to complement the song’s emotional depth.Fans and music enthusiasts have flooded the comment section with words of appreciation and gratitude for Swoopna Suman’s contribution to the music industry.With ‘Upahaar’ now surpassing the 2 million view mark, it’s evident that Swoopna Suman’s music continues to touch the hearts of millions. This milestone is a testament to his talent and the unwavering support of his dedicated fanbase. Congratulations to Swoopna Suman on this remarkable achievement!