Excitement buzzes as the Nepali music scene anticipates the release of Sunita Dulal’s latest Teej song, titled ‘Piyari,’ scheduled to launch tomorrow.

Renowned for her melodious voice and captivating performances, Sunita Dulal is set to enchant audiences once again with this festive track.What adds to the anticipation is the star-studded collaboration accompanying the song. The music video of ‘Piyari’ features acclaimed actor Nir Shah, whose charismatic presence is sure to elevate the visual storytelling. Additionally, the video will showcase the talented Deepa Shree Niraula, known for her versatile contributions to the entertainment industry.

Teej, a traditional Hindu festival celebrated with immense zeal, is a perfect backdrop for Sunita Dulal’s soulful voice. ‘Piyari’ is expected to capture the essence of the festival, combining modern musical elements with traditional themes.Fans of Nepali music and culture can look forward to a vibrant and engaging audio-visual experience. As the clock ticks down to the release, speculations are rife about the song’s theme and its potential to become a chart-topper. Sunita Dulal’s ‘Piyari’ is poised to become the anthem of this Teej season, spreading joy and musical delight among audiences.