Dubai is set to witness an electrifying musical extravaganza on August 26 along with Kavya Band , as the talented and charismatic Nepali singer, Yankee Yolmo, takes the stage for a live performance that promises to leave the audience enthralled.

Yankee Yolmo’s unique blend of contemporary and traditional Nepali music has won him a dedicated fan base both in Nepal and abroad. His powerful vocals and captivating stage presence make him a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.The event, set to be held at a prestigious venue in Dubai, is eagerly anticipated by Nepali music enthusiasts residing in the UAE and neighboring countries. The concert is expected to showcase a dynamic repertoire, including some of his popular hits and soul-stirring renditions.Yankee Yolmo’s live performance is not just a musical treat; it also serves as a celebration of Nepali culture and talent on an international platform. With tickets selling fast, this event is sure to be a memorable night for all attendees, uniting music lovers in an unforgettable experience of rhythm and melody.