Nepali music aficionados in Japan are in for a treat as renowned singer and composer Deepak Bajracharya and his new project “Project Najeek” gear up for a spellbinding live performance on July 28th.

This highly-anticipated event promises to be an unforgettable evening of music and camaraderie as the talented artist takes the stage to captivate his Japanese fans.”Project Najeek,” a musical journey that reflects Deepak Bajracharya’s diverse repertoire, has earned widespread acclaim for its fusion of traditional Nepali melodies with contemporary sounds. The band’s versatility and dynamic stage presence make them a favorite among music enthusiasts, both in Nepal and internationally.For the Nepali diaspora in Japan, the upcoming live performance is a moment of joy and connection, providing them with a taste of home and an opportunity to revel in the magic of Deepak Bajracharya’s melodies. The concert aims to foster a sense of unity and celebration, transcending borders through the universal language of music.