A touching tribute to the late musical maestro Robin Tamang is set to take place at Club Farhenheit on July 21st, featuring three iconic Nepali bands – Abhaya and The Steam Engines, Cobweb, and Anuprastha. The event promises an emotional evening of music and remembrance, as these talented artists come together to celebrate the musical legacy of Robin Tamang.

Robin Tamang, an influential figure in Nepal’s music scene, left an indelible mark with his soulful compositions and powerful performances. His untimely departure left a void in the hearts of countless fans and fellow musicians, making this tribute an event of profound significance for the Nepali music community.The collaboration of Abhaya and The Steam Engines, Cobweb, and Anuprastha for this tribute is a testament to the camaraderie shared among musicians in Nepal. These bands, each with their unique style, will come together to perform Robin Tamang’s timeless classics, ensuring an unforgettable evening of music and nostalgia.

As the date approaches, anticipation is building among music enthusiasts, eager to witness this poignant tribute. The event at Club Farhenheit on July 21st will undoubtedly serve as a fitting homage to the late Robin Tamang, celebrating the impact he had on Nepal’s music landscape and leaving a lasting impression on all those in attendance.