Nepal’s music scene is abuzz with excitement as the prolific singer-songwriter Prakash Saput announces the release of his much-awaited song “Damai Maharaja” on July 21st, Friday. This highly-anticipated track promises to be a musical masterpiece, showcasing Prakash Saput’s signature blend of traditional folk and contemporary elements.

“Damai Maharaja” is set to feature the talented and versatile singer Anjali Adhikari, adding another layer of charm and depth to the song. Fans are eagerly anticipating the collaboration between these two renowned artists, known for their ability to evoke emotions through their enchanting voices.

Prakash Saput, celebrated for his exceptional storytelling and soul-stirring vocals, has consistently charmed audiences with songs that resonate with the essence of Nepali culture. With “Damai Maharaja,” he once again promises a musical journey that will touch the hearts of listeners.Anjali Adhikari, a rising star in the Nepali music scene, has garnered acclaim for her powerful performances and vocal prowess. Her collaboration with Prakash Saput in “Damai Maharaja” is expected to create an unforgettable synergy, making the song even more captivating.

As the release date draws near, fans and music enthusiasts are eagerly counting down the days to experience the magic of “Damai Maharaja.” With the combined talents of Prakash Saput and Anjali Adhikari, the song is poised to become an instant hit and reaffirm Prakash Saput’s position as one of Nepal’s most beloved musical treasures.