In a heartfelt tribute to the late Robin Tamang, the iconic Nepali band Mukti and Revival is set to deliver an emotionally charged live performance at Club Yak and Yeti Everest in Dubai on August 12. This special event promises an evening of soulful melodies and nostalgic tunes as the music community comes together to honor the legacy of the beloved singer-songwriter.

Robin Tamang, a gifted musician, and one of Nepal’s most cherished artists, left an indelible mark on the nation’s music landscape with his unique voice and heartfelt compositions. Tragically, he left this world too soon, leaving behind a profound void in the hearts of his fans and fellow musicians. This concert by Mukti and Revival serves as a beautiful tribute, commemorating Robin Tamang’s contributions to Nepali music.

Mukti and Revival, known for their exceptional musical talent and powerful performances, were closely associated with Robin Tamang during his musical journey.  Mukti and Revival have etched their names in the hearts of many, making them the perfect choice to pay homage to their dear friend and musical comrade.Club Yak and Yeti Everest, renowned for hosting memorable cultural events, provides the ideal setting for this soul-stirring performance. The intimate ambiance of the venue will allow fans and fellow musicians alike to come together and reminisce about the musical genius that was Robin Tamang.

The live performance by Mukti and Revival on August 12 promises to be an emotional and unforgettable evening, celebrating the life and legacy of a true musical legend. It will be a moment of togetherness and remembrance, where the power of music will once again unite hearts in Dubai’s Nepali community, forever cherishing the memory of late Robin Tamang.