Nepal’s music aficionados in Dubai are in for a night to remember as two celebrated Nepali artists, Neetesh Jung Kunwar and Samriddhi Rai, are set to thrill audiences with a captivating live performance at Yak N Yeti Everest on July 29.

This highly-anticipated musical event promises an unforgettable fusion of talents, showcasing the unique styles of both artists in an intimate and enchanting setting.Neetesh Jung Kunwar, known for his poignant storytelling through music and soulful voice, has garnered a massive fan base globally. With chart-topping hits such as “flirty maya” and kholai khola,” Neetesh’s songs have struck a chord with listeners and earned him widespread acclaim. His presence on stage is known to be both captivating and emotionally charged, leaving audiences mesmerized.Joining Neetesh Jung Kunwar on stage is the multi-talented Samriddhi Rai, an accomplished singer, songwriter, and performer. Her powerhouse vocals and magnetic stage presence have earned her recognition as one of Nepal’s leading female artists. Samriddhi’s versatility shines through her repertoire, which spans from heartrending ballads to energetic pop anthems, ensuring an electrifying performance at the upcoming Dubai concert.

Yak N Yeti Everest, a renowned venue known for hosting top-notch cultural events, provides the perfect ambiance for this musical rendezvous. The combination of Neetesh Jung Kunwar and Samriddhi Rai’s musical prowess, coupled with the venue’s intimate setting, promises an unparalleled evening of live music that will resonate with fans long after the concert concludes.