Have you heard Arijit Singh is going to perform in Nepal soon? We have heard that too and apparently its going on all over the internet in Nepal. Is Arijit Singh really going to perform in Nepal? Well the rumors say so. 

Arijit Singh has a big fanbase in Nepal and news of his live performance is spreading like a wildfire. Garage Entertainment Nepal has made a post in Instagram claiming Arijit is going to perform in Nepal this November. The news is yet to be confirmed by the singer himself so we cant say for sure till now. But if it’s true, Singh’s fanbase is going to have a blast.

Arijit Singh is a singer and composer from India.He has recorded songs in numerous Indian languages and has received several awards, including a National Film Award and seven Filmfare Awards. Lets give a listen to one of his most popular songs,’Channa Mereya here;