Northeastern US melodic metal band, Severed Angel, has released their new music video, for the song “Wide Awake In Screamland”, from their self-titled debut album, self-released by the band on CD and digital format back in May.

The video was generated with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and was produced by Severed Angel drummer Wayne Noon. Watch below.

Says the band: “Do you ever have trouble falling asleep? Well… then this song is for you. Simply put, this song is about insomnia. While you lie awake in bed, your mind races through so many different topics and ideas. It’s almost as if your brain becomes your enemy. As the hours pass, you become more and more desperate for sleep. You get mad at yourself as your mind continues to betray you. Frustration turns to anger and you just want to scream. Before you know it, your morning alarm is going off. This song will take you through the emotional roller coaster that leaves you Wide Awake In Screamland.”