Nepali pop rockstar Raju Lama is performing live in New York this August 26th at the melrose Ballroom.

Raju Lama  is a Nepalese singer-songwriter and an Everester. He is the main singer of the musical band Mongolian Heart. His work involves songs in Nepali, Tibetan, Tamang and other languages.Lama is currently based in the US and Nepal. He is one of the coaches in The Voice of Nepal. Raju’s concert is also the highest-altitude musical event. On May 16, 2012, at an altitude of 6,476 meters in Mera Peak, British singer Oz Beldon established a Guinness World Record for the concert. Along with Mongolian Heart’s performance, the previous British vocalists’ record was also shattered. “The record is secondary to me.” “The most important thing is that I gave a concert to spread awareness about the climate catastrophe,” Raju said from Everest Base Camp.