In order to avoid public nuisance, the Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL) has banned the playing of music on loudspeakers inside Namma Metro trains. However, the authorities have allowed passengers to use earphones while listening to music.

An announcement in this regard was made on Metro trains on Thursday stating that no music should be played while travelling inside the train.“I believe music should not be played inside the trains keeping in mind the sensibilities of other co-passengers. The decision might have been taken to avoid nuisance to other passengers,” BMRCL Managing Director Anjum Parvez, told The Indian Express while adding that the decision might have been taken at the lower level.

However, Parvez did not specify if there would be any punishment if the rule is violated.He also said that not allowing to play music is one of the many restrictions imposed while travelling on the train.Recently, Namma Metro has been actively creating public awareness on the do’s and don’ts inside Metro trains through short videos being played on the display system in the train Some of them include, restrictions on eating, obeying the line system while boarding the train, among others.