The new keyboardist joined following the sudden departure of Craig Jones. Slipknot fans have been sharing their theories on the identity of the newest member.

The new member was teased by the band last week, following the abrupt departure of longtime keyboard player and sampler Craig Jones.

Intrigue about the latest addition to the metal band was piqued last Thursday (June 8), when Slipknot posted a statement on social media saying that Jones had parted ways with the band. They said nothing more about the situation, other than they wish him the best of luck. Shortly afterward, the band deleted the post.

Then, the members made a new social media update the same day, sharing an image of an unknown hooded member in a new mask. The post did not come with an accompanying caption, and quickly sparked conversation among fans.

Now, fans are already speculating who the latest addition may be. Many of which are questioning whether the new member is actually still Jones, who is simply sporting a new look and never left the band after all.

“Imma live in my delusion and say that this slipknot “new member” is still Craig with a completely different mask and persona,” one fan wrote on Twitter, while another agreed, adding: “Craig might not actually have left but instead re-branding?? … what the flying fuck is actually going on” [SIC].