Rockhead’s latest release Hajar Janma has now crossed over 100k views on YouTube. The music video has now reached 190k views in just 4 days of its release.

The music arrangement  and production of the song is done by Rockheads themselves. The lyrics of the song is given by Shaurav Bhattarai and Sanjay Aryal. The mixing and mastering of the song is done by Diwas Gurung. The cast for the music video is Rajita Parajuli & Rajat Rai Kiratee.

Rockheads was founded in late 2010 out of a desire to play rock music. The band began performing in Thamel and, by 2020, had transcended to mainstream Nepali-rock music with their distinct sound.Their song, ‘Ranga’ got immense popularity in Nepali music community.