In a now-deleted post, the band announced that they have parted ways with longtime sampler and keyboardist Craig Jones.

Today (June 8), the band took to social media with an image of an unknown hooded member in a new mask. The post did not come with an accompany caption, leaving many fans confused.The unnamed member’s mask is that of a black leather hood, with a zipper mouthpiece and red paint around the eyes and mouth.Prior to posting the image, Slipknot posted a statement on social media saying that longtime sampler and keyboardist Craig Jones has parted ways with the band. They said nothing more about the situation, expect that they wish him the best of luck. Slipknot have since deleted that post.

However, a post on the Knotfest website – Slipknot’s own music festival – remains active, and includes a statement on Craig Jones’ departure. Jones has been a member of the band since 1996, providing samples and keyboard support. He has recorded and performed with the Iowan metal outfit through all of their seven studio albums to date.

The developments come shortly after the band kicked off their European tour yesterday (June 7). Before the tour’s kickoff, percussionist and backing vocalist Shawn “Clown” Crahan took to social media to announce that he would be sitting out of the tour to support his wife “through health issues”. He added that he would return to the stage as soon as possible.

Jones’ departure and replacement – if confirmed – would mark the fourth time a new member has been brought on in place of an original member. Most recently, the brand brought on Michael Pfaff as percussionist Chris Fehn’s replacement in 2019, only revealing his identity in March last year.