Sabin Rai and his band The Pharaoh will be performing live in Birgunj this June 9th. The opening act will be done by Yogniti Band and afterparty performance will be done by DJ NANA. 

Because of his vivacious stage presence and raspy voice, Sabin Rai is well-known among Nepalese people all over the world. He has been an irrepressible force, with Pharaoh serving as THE band for everything from timeless hits to the present-day ecstasy. John Shrestha and Nikesh KC on guitars, Jeevan Lama on bass, Binod Lama Tamang on drums, Steven Tamang on sound, and Abiz Basukala on live graphics make up this band, each of whom is a titan in their field. Sabin Rai & the Pharaoh have won numerous prizes, including three Hits FM awards from the previous year in three categories, one from 2073, and a silver play button from YouTube, proving that they are here to stay.