In a new interview with Japanese music critic and radio personality Masa Ito of TVK’s “Rock City”, METALLICA drummer Lars Ulrich spoke about the fact that te band continues to reach new people with its music, less than a year after the season four finale of the hit Netflix series “Stranger Things” introduced a new generation of fans to METALLICA, sending its song “Master Of Puppets” to the top of the iTunes rock chart some 36 years after it was originally released.

“I realized this time around, as I’m doing interviews for two or three weeks now, I realized, and I think the feeling is kind of the same within the band, is that when we were younger, we spent a lot of time explaining to the world what we were doing and we were very, I think, keen on explaining and carving out in stone what our intentions were,” he said. “And now it feels, overall, like we’re less interested in that and almost a little hesitant or trepidatious about that.”I’m just so happy that hard music and hard rock still has a place,” he continued. “To see so many young people connecting with music again… I can see it my kids; I can see it, in the last nine months, the ‘Stranger Things’ phenomenon of so many young kids discovering ‘Master Of Puppets’ and that being a gateway to maybe more METALLICA music or to more heavy music or heavy rock music.