Sabin Rai’s latest music video,’Baimani’ is trending on no 7 for YouTube music and has crossed over 200k views. 

Sabin Rai & The Pharaoh are: Sabin Rai, Nikesh KC, John Shrestha, Jeevan Lama, Binod Lama Tamang ,Steven Tamang, Subash Gurung and Abiz Basukala making it a band. A cast of Sekhar Chapagain, Karoona Shrestha, Nabin Neupane and Subash Timilsina is performing on th eofficial music video of the song.

Sabin Rai is well-known among Nepalese people all over the world for his energetic stage presence and raspy voice. He has been an unstoppable force, replete with Pharaoh as THE band, from classic hits to current bliss. This band is a total experience, with each member being a giant in their profession, including John Shrestha and Nikesh KC on guitars, Jeevan Lama on bass, Binod Lama Tamang on drums, Steven Tamang on sound, and Abiz Basukala on live visuals. Sabin Rai & the Pharaoh are here to stay, having received multiple accolades, including three Hits FM awards last year in three categories, one from 2073, and a silver play button from YouTube.