The legendary hip-hop rapper Tupac Shakur is going to be honored by the city of Oakland, California, which has voted to rename a street after Shakur, 27 years after his tragic death as a result of a shootout, reports CBS News.

The state of California earlier revealed that they would be renaming a street in Oakland in honor of the rapper who changed the meaning of rapping by packing a depth of raw emotion and talent in each of the songs he released until his unfortunate death in 1996.Earlier this week the city council revealed in a unanimous vote to rename part of the street running from Grand Avenue to Van Buren Avenue, both located in the rustic and incredible MacArthur Boulevard. The outlet reports that this street, where Shakur once lived, will be renamed “Tupac Shakur Way.” According to reports from The Guardianthe hip-hop star certainly had his run-in with the law back when he lived in Oakland. Back in 1990, he was practically tackled with excessive force to the ground for jaywalking, and he sued the cops for a total of $10 million. The lawsuit eventually ended with Shakur settling the case for $42,000 in 1991, and the case was dismissed after the settlement.

Shakur was packed with bucketloads of talent, passion, and empathy, and it resonated in his music as an artist, garnering him a unique identity that’s incredibly difficult to foster. The Hit Em Up rapper was only 25 years old and in Las Vegas where he was shot in a drive-by, and he succumbed to his wounds shortly after. Fans and fellow colleagues in the entertainment industry were left shocked and heartbroken when news of his tragic death emerged.