Kush Band is all set to tour eastern Nepal for their Purba Tour 2023. More details for the tour will be announced soon by the band. 

KUSH band brings together a mix of amazing musicians from all over the world, They create their own, exciting and powerful style of music. It is rooted in the African cultural heritage – you hear the grooves of reggae, sufi music and sahara music – but spiced with jazzy or bluesy tones. The band leader, Mo Ahmed (vocals and percussion) took the traditional Sudanese rythms and songs of the desert to the Netherlands. His music celebrates diversity, his songs express the longing for peace, equality, freedom and love. This very danceble music gets everyone involved. KUSH band has its own foundation, The Stichting Kush Art Collective. It promotes African music and arts. KUSH Band organized its first Africa Festival in Utrecht in 2022. The festival will become a yearly event to look forward to. The next edition will be 26 August 2023 – save the date! Kush Band, in its name, celebrates the memory of the ancient kingdom of Kush (1000 BC-500 AD), a vast and powerful kingdom in the African region that today is Sudan and Southern Egypt. The kingdom of Kush was an amazingly developed and complex civilization, with its own style of pyramids and uniquely high levels of female participation in public life.