Ani Choying Dorlma is a respected figure in Nepal. She is well known for her song-Phool ko akhama. She is an exceptional singer and known for her pure and touchy voice. Listeners often shed to tears listening her songs.Born on 4th June 1971, she is a nun from Nagi Gompa nunnery and is known for bringing many Tibetan Buddhist chant and feast in her songs. With more than 12 albums of melodious Nepali tunes and Tibetan hymns that highlight themes of peace and harmony, the songstress in saffron robes has won hearts across the Himalayan nation and abroad.
Here is an amazing clip of Ani Chyoing singing her all time best-Phool Ko Akhama with Nhyoo Bajracharya on guitar. The song was composed by Nhyoo Bajracharya. Nhyoo is one of the finest music composer of Nepal. He is also the judge of the first season of Nepal Idol.
Enjoy the video..