Nepali rock band Space has recently released their latest album “Kapaas”, which features 6 dreamy and ethereal tracks. The album is a follow-up to their all-English debut album “Eye” which was released back in 2018.


The album kicks off with the track “Chaukhat”, which has a slow and haunting melody accompanied by Nikita’s mesmerizing vocals. The second track “Kapaas” is a standout with its catchy guitar riff and uplifting chorus. “Manpareko” has a dreamy and atmospheric sound, while “Aakhako” has a more upbeat and energetic feel to it. The album ends with “Chahesamma”, a track that features a beautiful guitar solo and Nikita’s powerful vocals.

And now, Space has also dropped the official music video for “Chahesamma”, which was a collaboration with Photon Films and Lights. The black and white video showcases the band members playing and performing the song, giving fans a chance to see their energy and style.