Sujan Chapagain’s latest masterpiece “Fulthunge Rani” crossed over 5 Million views on YouTube.

The music video, which features Paras and Bibhuti Sitaula as main characters, is a colorful and vibrant production that captures the essence of Nepali music and dance.

“Fulthunge Rani” is a mysterious journey across the narrow alleys of Patan. It unfolds various sequences on the way with characters exploring each other’s mood and mindset. It presents a vibrant audio-visual experience blending with the diverse expressions and mood of the characters.

The music for “Fulthunge Rani” was composed by Sujan Chapagain himself, and Hark Saud wrote the lyrics. The music producer and arranger for the song was Kushal Singh ‘Niel’, while the bass, mixing, and mastering were done by Kobid Bazra of Bajra Creation Records.

The music video is a feast for the eyes, with stunning visuals and choreography that perfectly complements the upbeat and energetic music. The hook step choreographed by Paras has already gained popularity on TikTok nationally and internationally.

Overall, “Fulthunge Rani” is a fantastic addition to Sujan Chapagain’s already impressive music repertoire.