SHREE 3 is a three member band of experienced musicians. It is the brainchild of Sarad Shrestha, a popular guitarist in the Nepali music industry. It was formed in 2016 with Sarad Shrestha on vocals and guitar, Rozet Gurung on Bass and Robin Neupane on the drums.

Basically, SHREE 3 cover all sorts of rock genre- hard rock, metal , rock grunge, funk. Currently the band is in the process of recording their deubut album targeted this year. Their songs have Nepali as well as English lyrics and they are mostly related to dissatisfaction, positive aspect to oneself, common issues like money, social issues and so on.

SHREE 3 has a taste of 70’s rock with modern tinge of grunge/ metal. They believe that music doesn’t have any boundaries and respect every genre and are determined to present all music forms to its audiences. Now, SHREE 3 coming up with their second single “Sanity Wreck” with a music Video.

Here’s the short promo of their second song “Sanity Wreck” Check it out…