abhaya Abhaya and The Steam engines to Perform Live at Purple Haze Rock Bar, with Gone Elvis as Opening Act

Fans of live music in Kathmandu are no strangers to Purple Haze Rock Bar, which has been a popular destination for local and international artists since the mid-1990s. The bar’s laid-back atmosphere, combined with its selection of rock music from different eras and styles, has made it a favorite among fans of the genre.

And, admirer of Nepali rock music is in for a treat on March 18th, as Abhaya and The Steam Engines are set to perform live at Purple Haze Rock Bar in Kathmandu. The band, which has been a fixture in the Nepali music scene since the mid-1990s, is known for its unique sound that blends traditional Nepali music with elements of rock, blues, and other genres.

Abhaya and The Steam Engines’ live performance at Purple Haze Rock Bar is part of the bar’s “artist of the month” series, which showcases some of the best talents in the local music scene. Joining Abhaya and The Steam Injuns as the opening act for the evening will be popular Kathmandu artist Gone Elvis.