“Manas Ghale and Dong Release Tribute Single ‘Handey’ in Honor of Late Producer Rollerx”

Manas Ghale is a veteran Rapper of Nepal who has been in the field for decades now. And Dong is a well-known rapper who has gained popularity in recent times with his release “Raavana”. These two have come together and released a single “Handey” a collaboration with the late producer Rollerx, who passed away recently.

The single has been met with mixed reactions, with some listeners expressing disappointment over its quality. In response, Manas Ghale has taken to social media to explain that the track is incomplete and that the dummy recordings used in the single are not the final ones.

He also mentions that some of his pronunciations sound slurred and unclear and that he does not have the stems of the project because Rollerx’s hard drive crashed, causing them to lose the project. While the quality of the single may not be up to the usual standard, the sentiment behind its release is admirable.