Nepali musical lineup The Elements is performing live at Yala Court, Lakhey Bar Jhamsikhel this Friday i.e. 24th February.

The opening of the event will be done by Darpan Niraula and Amit Jung. The announcement of performance of the band has been done by instagram handle of Lakhey Bar.

About Band 

In Nepal, The Elements is a well-known Trio band. It is signed in the presence of the Arbitary. The band, which was formed in 2016, is made up of Ishan R.Onta on vocals and guitars, Dipesh Gurung on drums, and Runaq Singh Adhikari on guitars. Since their debut with Tesaile Hidey Ma and dropping hit after hit, the element band has managed to maintain a big fanbase that craves their music.

Their recent release, ‘Tyaag’ has now crossed over 240k views on YouTube.