As always “Revolution TV” has come up with fun content where the artist where artists try to identify their own songs while they play them in Reverse. Let’s see if Samriddhi can guess all of her songs right.

Revolution Tv never fails to come up with ideas to connect viewers with their favorite artists with the most unique content possible. We absolutely loved their “Gears and Riffs”,  “My Guitar Collections” and  INK’D, Segments. And, now they have come up with a fun series “Ulto Pulto” where the different artist guesses their own songs played in reverse and also talk about the stories behind them. Which is overly interesting to watch.

In their recent segment, they invited Samriddhi Rai. Samriddhi was once quite a popular singer mostly among youngsters. Although she hasn’t released any of her singles these days she still got a loyal group of fan followers waiting for her next release. Some of the popular songs of Samriddhi Rai are Prayas, Herana, Ma Chai Nepali, Samaj Ko Kura, and many more.