Subani Moktan has finally released “Rahar”. The verse from the song was wildly famous on Tiktok where she shared it on an open verse challenge. The sound has over 300k views and almost 4k people have used the sound.


Full version coming soon! ❤️🙏 #ferinindralagena #rahar #subanimoktan #foryoupage #fyp

♬ original sound – Subani Moktan

As soon as the sound got wild people were crazily waiting for the entire song to be released and it’s on YouTube finally. The singer has collaborated with two fresh and talented rappers Vyoma and Nawaj Ansari. Well her voice has always been like water, which fits every container flexibly, so she sounds amazing between two rappers spitting their verses.

The lyrics to the song were written by Subani Moktan, Vyoma, and Nawaj Ansari themself. And, it was produced by Andrew Blanco and mixed and mastered by Manzil Bikram KC.

About artist:

Subani Moktan is a quite beautiful and hardworking Nepalese singer who was born into a musical family. For those who don’t know, she is the daughter of Singer Kunti Moktan and Musician and Lyricist Sila Bahadur Moktan. She is a very versatile person. If we have to talk about her knack, it is going to be hectic long.

While she is a singer, she writes and composes almost every song herself. In the same way, is a master at playing instruments like guitar and piano. Also, formerly gives music classes at Kathmandu Jazz Conservatory. Besides that, she is also a very famous Vj and Rj. Again, had recently judged a popular Nepali musical reality Show Nepal Idol. phew… the list goes on.

Listen to her most adored single ” Maya Ho Ki Maya Jasto” which has over 2M views on YouTube.